Displaying Christmas Photos

This year I added a little bling to my normally rustic Christmas decor. When I walked into Home Goods and saw these frames I think I might have let out a squeal of joy!  I needed something to display on the piano under my new wreath and these were PERFECT!  I love to display all of our favorite pictures from Christmases past.  It’s so fun to have them out each year, reminding us of so many great memories.

Here are my top 5 tips for displaying holiday photos:

  1.  A large grouping of frames that are layered together makes a eye-catching statement.  I used my piano for my display, but you could use several shelves that are together, a sofa back table, or a mantle.
  2. For a beautiful eye-catching display, mix up the shapes and sizes of the frames you choose.  You’ll notice I have some round, square and rectangle shaped frames.  Some are landscape and some portrait direction.
  3. Choose the type of frame you want to use and keep them cohesive.  When choosing the frames, pay attention to the details.  Some of them are very intricate and others are big and chunky.  It’s great to use them both, just be sure to mix them equally.  You don’t want a majority of intricate frames with tiny details and then one big chunky frame.  The chunky frame would stick out like a sore thumb.  I used gold and silver with some bling and mixed intricate with chunky.  You could do rustic, whimsical, all black, or colorful.  Just keep a theme in mind when you’re buying frames.
  4. Mix in some pictures of all family members including mom and dad when they were little at Christmas time.  It’s fun for the kids to see that you were little once too!  Vintage black an white photos always look beautiful.
  5. This is a great time to showcase those pictures with Santa.  Every year we get the obligatory Santa photo.  I love having them out on display to see how much the kids have grown over the years.

Easy Christmas Card Display

Christmas Card display

I love this way of displaying Christmas Cards.  It looks great as a garland even before any cards arrive in the mail.  Then when the cards start rolling in, the more you add, the better it looks!  It’s fun to see the transformation throughout the season.


It’s also great for my two year old. He loves to look at all of the cards and recognize friends and family.  It’s right at his level which maybe sometimes is not such a good thing.  Looks like someone tried to redecorate while no one was looking.